… to have an expressive exchange; one soul directly to another


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Artist Statement

Neal Schlosburg, photo artist: The mood of an image is a shared experience between artist and viewer.

I explore energy, emotion, and sensibilities with my images and their titles. My goal is to have an expressive exchange; one soul directly to another. I converse with light, shades, tones, textures, shapes, and words to tell a story and to convey my feelings. Life is diverse, so too are the moods.

“The negative is comparable to the composer’s score
and the print to its performance.” Ansel Adams

Musical Connection
Studio 17

Music has been an essential part of my life, and it entered the creative process in an unexpected way. Looking at one of my fine art images, a large delicate white flower with linen like petals, my wife said it reminded her of a beautiful wedding dress. The moment she made that comment, Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” played in my head. Since then, all my images are named after a song title, an album title, or a band name.

Our Prints

Our fine art and exhibit images are printed on vivid metal. The colors in our images are more vibrant, the luminescence more breathtaking, the detail and resolution, unsurpassed. When displaying prints from NS Fine Art Images, you’ll be hanging images of clarity and elegance. They are works of art you’ll be proud to show.

NS Fine Art Images is proud to partner with Miller’s Professional Imaging. Established in 1964, they have two state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. Renowned worldwide by professional artists and photographers alike, they are the only company we use for our exhibit pieces. Galleries and exhibit halls demand and expect top quality prints, you should too.

Within 48 hours of your purchase, a print request is sent to Miller’s Professional Imaging. The image is printed, inspected, and sent to us. We receive the print 3 to 5 business days from our print order. Before the print is signed by the artist, it’s thoroughly inspected. If the print is not Gallery Exhibit quality, we request a reprint. This rarely happens. If it does, we will notify you of a delay. We will contact you when the print is inspected and signed.

Like any fine art print, your Vivid Metal print should be handled with care. It’s not fragile, but it can be damaged. If dropped, the corners could bend. To avoid finger prints, handle by the sides of the print. The print is lightweight and easy to hang. It is best to avoid direct sunlight and not to display it outside. We don’t recommend water, sprays, chemical cleaners, paper towels, t-shirts etc., to clean your fine art image. We use chemical free microfiber dusters to clean our images. You can use a chemical free microfiber cloth, too. If cared for, your print will be enjoyed for generations.

Ordering Prints

Prints from NS Fine Art Images can be purchased online or at Studio 17 in Artist & Makers Studios 1 (Rockville, MD). Studio 17 is open the 1st Friday of every month from 6 PM to 9 PM. For other times, please contact to make an appointment.

Ordered prints are usually picked up at the Studio by appointment or Studio hours (see ordering). We deliver within an hour of the Studio.

Online orders picked up at Studio 17 receive a 5% discount. Web orders over $1,000, either picked up or delivered, receive a 10% discount.

All prints purchased and picked up at the Studio, also receive a 5% discount. Orders over $1,000, receive a 10% discount.

Except for numbered prints, images are printed upon purchase. Orders can be canceled within 24 hours of ordering. A full refund will be issued. After that, there is a 50% cancellation fee. No refund is offered once the print is shipped from Millers Professional Imaging.

All prints are rigorously inspected before they are signed by the artist. Each print is not only inspected for print imperfections and blemishes, but also, correct shades, tones and colors. The same process we use for all Gallery Exhibit pieces. Please be certain you are purchasing the images you want. Exchanges or returns are not excepted.

NS Fine Art Images delivers locally. At time of purchase, we charge Maryland State sales tax for all orders. As a normal course of business, we do not ship. If your order needs or requires shipping, please contact us before ordering.

Artist & Makers Studios 1 Studio 17 11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852 Contact

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On Exhibit

Upcoming Exhibits

My Picture Tells A Story

The story series continues. This is an expanded collection of stories that first appeared as part of “The Color in Black & White” exhibit. That exhibit first opened in October of 2018.

My Picture Tells A Story is 20 original stories, told by 20 different people, with 6 images on each canvas. Each canvas tells a complete story. The exhibit opens Friday April 3rd, 2020 at 6 PM; Artist & Makers Studios, 11810 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852.

Past & Present Exhibits

April 2019 – “Black, White & Monochrome”, Artist & Makers II, Montgomery County Camera Club of Maryland Gallery

March 2019 – “Quietly Powerful”, Sense Fine Art Gallery DC

March 2019 –4th Anniversary Celebration, resident artist’s exhibit – Artist & Makers Studios 2, Main Gallery

February 2019 – Camera Club exhibit, Artist & Makers II, Montgomery County Camera Club of Maryland Gallery

“The Color in Black & White”

October 2018 – The first solo exhibit, “The Color in Black & White”, featured 30 signed and numbered (1/1) prints. The centerpiece of the exhibit was the original 6 prints of My Picture Tells A Story.

November 2017 – Artist & Makers II, Montgomery County Camera Club of Maryland Gallery

May thru July 2017 – The Meeting House Gallery, Main Gallery

April 2017 – Artist & Makers II, Montgomery County Camera Club of Maryland Gallery

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