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Pictures Of Lily

~ Fine Art Image ~

 White water lily

~ Title ~

Single by the British rock band The Who, written by guitarist & primary songwriter

Pete Townshend, released on April 22nd, 1967, B-side “Doctor, Doctor”

Fine Art Vivid Metal Prints

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Titling The Images

I grew up listening to music and watching my father capture family memories with an old film camera. At an early age, I remember hearing my parent’s collection of great music (vinyl LPs) playing on the record player in our family room.

Over the years, my love of music expanded, and photography became a more intimate part of my life. Music and photography are a big part of my DNA, but they never intersected.

Until – one day I showed my wife a fine art image I took of a White Swamp Mallow Hibiscus. Its petals are very billowy and textured like linen with a crimson red center. Gail said it reminded her of a beautiful wedding dress. As she said that, I could hear Billy Idol’s great song “White Wedding” playing in my head. My two passions came together.

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